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Next Stop KYOTO! I am proud to be Filipino.

Nagoya was in the central part of Japan where I could just take a bus going to the nearest cities.  It became easy for me to hop from one city to another. In the morning, it was difficult for me to take a bath but I did. (I got used do while in the Philippines)

After jumping out of my capsule.  I dropped by the nearest 7/11 store for a quick breakfast.  It was abnormal, it was freezing cold outside but dying hot inside the convenient store, not usual thing that we have in Philippines.  I bought some apple pie and orange juice just to suffice my ailing breakfast.

I finished my piece and I headed to the terminal.
I decided to go to east.  This time I planned to go to Kyoto.  Kyoto is located at the central part of the island Honshu, Japan.  I learned that it was formerly an imperial capital of Japan.

I walked to the ticket counter and gladly asked for one ticket to Kyoto. While I was waiting at the lounge I heard of people talking in Tagalog.  I thought I was just dreaming. Besides I have no proper sleep. So I decided to close my eyes while keeping my ears for my trip announcement. 
For the second time I heard of the same noise-voice talking at the background.  This time looks like they are near me.  So I opened my eyes, there about six people seated in front of me holding mcdonald’s take-out food box chatting loudly.

Then the opportunity knocks in. The next guy sat beside me trying to create a conversation.  This time I was not day dreaming anymore.  So I push myself to ask, “pinoy?” (of course they are, because I heard them talking in Tagalog)  I asked like  a foolish question.  He replied while his mouth still full of food , “Oo, pinoy ka din?”.  “Yes”, I said with the big smile on my face.  They asked me where I was going so I told them that I was heading to Kyoto.  They turned to me and exclaimed, "pupunta din kami doon", they said that they are also going to Kyoto and we were traveling at the same time.

So this six people sat beside me at the lounge.  We created a friendly conversations asking where I was from.  What do i do and why I was traveling alone?  So I said it was exciting to travel solo.  Maybe because they saw that I was just hanging around they offered for me to go with them.  It was just so humbling for me to accept their offer since I dont have anybody with me.

They are about 40 – 50 years of age and I think 2 of them were couple.  We chatted inside the bus, like every Filipino friends would have a fun time getting together.   We were like old friends hanging our in one place.  They treated me as if I was one with them.  They even gave me food to share.  We just talked about anything until we reached the Kyoto station. 

We got mesmerized how technology was so profound elsewhere Japan.  The Kyoto terminal was so elegant.  They told me that the place was like Central Terminal in New York, USA. (I think they were making me feel good at they place where they have been)

We felt the cold breeze in the place because of the strong wind coming from the east side of the building.  We entered one store called “The Cube” where they sell souvenirs, food a lot more. 

We went down to a basement where we saw all kinds of green tea products quality made from elsewhere in Japan.  I got about 6 boxes of green tea.  Once vendor suggested that we can have the tax refunded at the terminal when we go home.  We just have to show the proof of receipt and Identification. 

We decided to go to the nearest temple.  We had fun time talking about each and every lives. We found the temple and took almost every side of the prefecture city. 

I have learned they were simply gym buddies who have decided to travel together.  How awesome it was to think that simple discipline of going to the gym could end up having a travel buddies all over the world.  They have traveled in some other Asian countries like, Hongkong, Vietnam, Malaysia. They have also gone to US and some other European countries together. Cool right! 

So when we reached the station back. I decided to part ways with them.  I told them that I will be going to Osaka and still I am gonna be back to Nagoya for the night.

We bid goodbyes.  They said that they will be staying for a while in Kyoto.  I realized how God provided me these people. How God took care of me in a foreign place.

I was so blessed by these people.  Without them, my trip to KYOTO will not be a godly designed trip. This only shows how warm Filipinos are.

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