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It was just my first day

 (continuation from God Acquainted Mission Trip)

          We reached the Nagoya station around 10 in the evening while I was a little bit hungry and my head was spinning from headache since I had no sleet coming from my work the day before.  Sagiko helped me to get into the train station and head to Nagoya station where I will stay.

This is how I can prove that Japanese people are helpful people.  Or should I just say God was so kind in giving me an angel to take me to the train station. wait there's more!

We went down the train station and strolled around the station while we wait for her friend. While waiting, we stood by the side of the West wing of the station side before we went out of the main door near the Marriot Hotel.

I am staring at every place we are going trying to remember and take foto of every entrance and exit of the place.  I could not help but be bewildered by how Japanese people live their lives.  Its cold and its freezing 4’celcius when we get in the area.  Everyone wears black. Almost everyone carried attache case where I can only see from the movies.   Looks like the goons and mafia members. 
They move so fast, they don’t talk to each other. They seems to be very busy and every thing was fast.

 So we waited for a few minutes while trying to hide my ailing stomach because I was already so hungry.  

“We are still waiting for my friend because she has just gone out of work”, Sagi told me.  I said, “its ok”.  Of course it’s going to be ok since I was just asking for a favor from her.

 We waited for a few minutes more until then her friend arrived.  She also wearing black trench coat with brown scarf on her neck.  She also wearing like a prada pointed shoes.   And so we were introduced and I was so glad to meet her.   She was on her mid 20-30years old, typical japanese girl .  She has a wide eyes unlike many others. She has low voice. (I think she doesnt want to scare me)   So she asked me what kind of food I would like to eat.  I humbly said, “I can eat anything”.  Of course I was so hungry during that time so I could eat anything.  Then we stroll around the mall looking for the nearby restaurants but we were not able to find one because the mall was about to close.  We went outside and found an open restaurant.  There was a guys outside standing in front of the door looks like a barker for ads and menu.  So we decided to get inside expecting that this will be an open restaurant to feed my hunger.

          It was my first time in this kind of restaurant. We went up to the 3rd floor where the restaurant was secluded.  I havent been in this kind of restaurant back in the Philippines. Before I 've just seen this restaurants from some of the Japanese cartoon movies but now its was for real.  In the lounge there was a space like a locker room to put on our shoes.  We removed our shoes and put it on the lockers where we need to take our own key.  We were greeted politely by the receptionist,  “Arigatou gosaimashita”.  Then I replied also, “arigatou gozaimasu”.  

We walked towards the room where they took us.  Its a Japanese old restaurant where tables are stowed while your feet are under. The tables were elevated about 12cm from the floor. But there’s a space below the table where we gonna put out legs.  There’s a small pillow traditionally placed for seating.   Then I saw people the real thing, many people were are loud , party like a rock star. They drink saki wine and shouts as loud s they can.

Sagiko and Yuki decided to order for me. 

I let them order for food.  I think we got some sushi-maki fresh fish salad and yakisoba and other appetizers.  The food was great.  It was my first time to eat in that Japanese dining style and plus the people was so hospitable.  

They did not just take to a dinner, but also took me to the Hotel where I was supposed to stay.

Before we went out I asked, they knew about the hotel I was staying. They asked me for the address and they looked up from google but could not get the right direction.  I was a little bit worried because its getting late and I don’t know the place plus Sagi would need to go home already.  

While we were going down the hallway I was already chanting my prayers.  God would show me the way.  "Eco-hotel, eco  hotel, eco hotel, Lord please show me the way... please show me the way".    But even though I was all been cloth with wary eyes all the way down the elevator I was at peace for God is with me.  I know that I will be taken good care off.   Before we walked 10 steps way from the building where we had our dinner, a miracle again happened to me.  

I looked up in the sky and asked God to show me the way.  When I flanked my eyes to the left direction I saw dramatically(with sounds on the background) the name of my hotel just on the next lane where we were standing.  On that moment, my heart was almost shouting, "God is with me".  I felt how He led me to this place.  I felt his eye was with my eyes and his feet were walking beside me. I could not explain what I feel, I could not shout for joy I could not express more how thankful I am.  I thought you are an amazing God and you are just awesome.

Sagi was almost late so we took her to the nearest bus station going to Tokyo.  It was so funny, the  bus stations was just at the back of my hotel.  We went to the back door where the passengers lounge was and she bought her ticket.

I was teary eyed while we bid good bye and she smiled back and said, I hope we meet again.

Now, her friend Yuki needs to take her bus going home. So I walked with her going to the nearest bus stop.  She told me that if I need help to roam around Nagoya she will be available during her day off (Saturdays and Sundays).   I was already spoiled by God with all this amazing people he brought in .

She gave me her phone number and she told me to just give her a phone call when I needed help.  I felt that God was babysitting me with his hands on my shoulder. It was just my first day but I was warmly welcomed by Gods perfect display of guidance and protection.  It was just my first day but seems that I was completely overwhelmed as to how He gave me people to talk too.  It was just my first day but I saw how God would be with me all the way up to the last day. 

It was late so I headed to my hotel.  The hotel was in the middle of the Nogoya central area, the place was cozy.  I got one room for only 2500 JPY, it was about P950 in Peso only which practically very cheap for a night in Japan.  The room has one bed, small tv, small chair, two hangers and an air-condition which can be use for hot ventilation.  The cr was outside and the bathroom was at the basement.  This was completely ok  for the price.  I fixed my bed and prepared for my quite time with the Lord.  I could not help but cry.  I went to bed around 1:30am and now ready for the next adventure the next morning. 

Capsule suite at a hotel nearby Nagoya Station, Single bed and a chair and table and a locker.  

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