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Instant Friend

Continuation from the previous story...

               I did not give up talking to her. While she was sleeping but I made a noise to create an avenue for us to talk.  So she got awaken.  So I created another venue to talk, I asked her about the Japanese culture and some traits that she found during her stay in the school she was enrolled.   I did not expect her answers to be so opposite to what I asked her.  She told me the very attitude of Filipinos comparing to the Japanese.  She told me how Filipinos are so warm and how we are so hospitable.  She also said that Filipinos have a good heart with a smile after.  She said that she will definitely go back to the Philippines when she got time in the future.  Well, even though I did not get the answers I expected I was able to appreciate her very honest answers.

                Because my almost plan of asking for help was already near the time of our arrival.  I asked her of where she is staying in Japan.  Fortunately, the place where she will be taking a bus to her place is the same place I will be heading too.  So when we arrived the ChÅ«bu, Centrair International Airport at exactly the time I was expecting.   She was the one who helped me take all my worries away from the foreign country I had my first time to stay.  She took me to the immigration checkout counter and helped me to get a ticket to the train station and tour me around the airport on my first night.  Again, this is the second answer I have been praying for.  

We headed to the train station and traveled for almost 30minutes to Nagoya terminal. While we were at the train I noticed that many of the passengers doesn’t talk to each other. Most of them are silent, contrary to the custom in the Philippines.  People are so serious and not smiling at all.  I tried to smile to one lady and I was bluntly asked why I was smiling at her.  I thought it will be good way but it became a rude judgment.  So I just kept myself away from that lady and talked to my friend until we reached the Nagoya terminal. 

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