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God Acquainted Mission Trip

              I arrived early at airport NAIA terminal 3 two hours before the designated departure time anticipating that this will be tough process since I was traveling alone.  I went thru the process at the terminal and waited at the lounge.

              While I was seating at the end of the row before our boarding time, I started talking to a lady next to the other row.  My intention was to just keep myself busy and not to worry from what to expect when I arrived in Japan.  She has wide eyes and she wear a big jolly smile.  “You going to Japan?” I told her.  She open the conversation with a smile and said, “Yes I am” and you? So I told her that I am traveling to Japan for the first time.

I told her that I am going also to Japan for a mission trip.  She told me that she was also a missionary traveling to the same country for almost 3 years already.  She was a part of a group of Christians who has been staying near the place I am going she said they are willing to help me check out some place where I can hold my gospel sharing.  With much excitement we exchanged numbers and showed some of the places where we can meet.  She told me some things to expect while I am in Japan, including the culture, attitude and most the things I need to understand before I step on land of the rising sun. 

Before we entered the plane I helped her to carry her luggage and we headed to the almost same seat at the plane.  I was so grateful for that first talk. God lifted my worries and made it like a bubble to disappear before I get on the plane.  

I headed to my seat and I was so calmly seated at the Row F4 on board to Nagoya when another Japanese looking lady hurried wearing a cap suddenly stood near my seat.   “I am seating row F3”, she said.   So I removed my small bag below and let her seat next to me.  She looked tired and I think she needs a rest.  She packed her stuff and seat patiently.  “You are not on seat belt yet”, I told her. So she put on her seat belt before she was noticed by the cabin crew.   I prayed and asked God to give me opportunity to share a Gospel to her while were on board traveling for 4 hours. 

So we chatted,  “What is your name?”, I asked. My name is Sagiko Hida, she told me.  At first I could not get her name. So I just pretended I got her name fully.  So I showed my big smile and asked for a handshake.  She eventually took my hand and replied courteously, “nice to meet you”, she said.  Now its gonna be easy for me to talk to her since we knew each other already.  So we she started talking about her life.  She told me the reason why she was in the Philippines.  I learned that she was returning to Japan after her 3 months of learning English course in Quezon City.  After few practice she pretty much speak English well. “ehem” she really did.  She told me that her teacher was so patient with her. She received her certification and she even showed it to me. 

I was talking to her for almost an hour so, I thought I got my limit and I have n’t share about the gospel. So, I talked to her about Jesus.  I shared to her who Jesus changed my life. At first she was so reluctant to know about Jesus.  I told her that Jesus Loves her, Jesus died for her, Jesus save her from sin, she needs to decide to live for Jesus and so on. She seated quietly, when she learned that Jesus loves her, she was so happy to hear about this words. Then I asked her, ‘have you ever felt that somebody was in love with you what would you feel?”.  She stuttered for an answer but she could not compose any word.   I told her that all of the people have sinned.  This context became so vague to her. She furrowed her forehead and she squirmed her eyebrows.  When I asked her why, she told me that she could not understand that people may have sinned.  So I told her that the bible say so.  Apparently, the bible became so unknown for her.   Instead of talking about what the bible, I changed it to another topic which she might like. I told her about a story regarding the lost son and the Fathers love.   As I expected, it’s her first time to hear about that story.  She liked the story and acted as if she would want to express her opinion.   So she said that she liked the attitude of the father.   “If that would happen to you, what would you feel?” I asked.  She said that she would be very grateful accept her son.   

So I made a Segway to point asking, would you be happy  to accept Jesus.  She shrugged her shoulder and squirmed and said. “Hmmm, Yes But I need to know more about Jesus”. I was almost shouting and I said WOW!   I was asking her if we can pray but she said “actually I have no religion.  I grew up with no religion I grew up looking for God.  We have different beliefs and I don’t know if your Jesus is just one of them.  I stopped for a while and felt sad of her situation. After she learned about Jesus, now she was hunger for religion yet they don’t know Jesus.  They don’t know the way.  But we do, sometimes we take it for granted.

The way for the truth is the only way.  I paused and prayed.  I prayed that the Holy Spirit would rest upon her and stir her heart to search more for Jesus.

I ended up praying for the second time before we started another conversation.

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